Christina Khalil Wedding Dress Strip


Christina Khalil wedding dress strip video from her Patreon



  1. I will insist.. .change one or 2 letters of her name…of all girls… sites like this are being blocked by google copyrights!!

  2. Christina Khalil is basically a lower rated version of Lena Paul. They’re both butter faces but Lena Paul’s body is way better. Plus she shows us her tits.

  3. VirginHunter, bro the only difference between the two is that Kat wears slightly more skimpy outfits. You’re basically saying you’d pay $250 to see an extra 20% of titties.

  4. Virgins complain about Kat, but this is who they should be complaining about, i mean, this slut has absolutely nothing worth paying for, lmao! I wouldnt even pay this slag chump change to see her riding a black dick.

  5. Beautiful g-string micro-thong. Only a pussy cover lol 😂
    She still resist in her nipples taboo, but latest video are sexier than before and she very knows how to do her fans hope that soon or later she will change mind and will show fully naked boobs.

  6. First off she’s clearly not gonna show shit second nobody wears a Red bra underneath a Wedding Dress like that looks fucking ridiculous.


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