1. Finally the 25 days of filth has ended.. I pity her immoral and filthy lifestyle.. She could have been a modest wife to a loyal husband, a respectable mother to loving children and a decent women to the society.. But she chose to rather be a filthy piece of trash who starts by taking off clothes for a few earthly $, then gets banged by rich and lustful demons for a few thousand $ and finally will end up in a whore house where dirty bastards will use her ass to take out their sexual frustrations. But again, what can one expect from a dirty white infidel whore.. Don’t worry, soon we will rule your ass and impose and establish morality in your filth ridden society.. Sharia is coming soon and witches like these will be stoned to death.. We don’t expect much resistance from pathetically weak and morbidly obese filthy westerners..we pious Muslims will destroy your forces in short period of time The great Islamic flag will fly all over your Nations… INSHALLAH soon… Fuck all you infidels, wait for us – we a coming


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