1. Hey, virgin hunter! Big fan here. Dont let these virgins get to you. If you need someone to talk to, just slide in my dms, babe.

  2. I’m here so early, VirginHunter hasn’t even posted 20 comments having a conversation with himself.

  3. Oh, Allah the merciful, please forgive this infidel for acting like a total whore and getting naked for a few earthly dollars.. I hope she becomes a Muslim and follows a modest life.. Why are most western women such slags? A Muslim woman would never lead such an immoral lifestyle.. White ppl should be ashamed of themselves, for treating their woman as mere objects of lust and sex.. Fuck you all, infidel bastards..

  4. I can’t even make any slightly funny comments anymore. All of my artistic drive has been drained by this monotonous chain of videos by Kat that are all the exact same.


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