• Btw its me Horse Cock Harry, lol…’I warned you’ is my name on roblox…but anyway. Put your hand up if you love black cocks?? *puts hand up* me!!!! Lol

  1. Wtf? I havent commented on here in 2 weeks, lmao. Whoever is pretending to be me, or pretending to be me pretending to be someone else, is gay, lol and needs to get a life. Like seriously.

  2. Odd that the reply to me was at 7:21 and VH’s was 1 minute later, then the other two replies were also within a minute of each other. So weird…
    Must be a coincidence, no one actually is that weird to pretend to be 3 people at once
    Also to Vh’s dad, I’m sorry for lying about your son’s penis size. I’m sure he’s well endowed

  3. Oh Allah, forgive me for doing shirk and jerking off to this infidel bitch 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 This is so haram….Astaghfirullah

  4. CNN sources claim that Trump was caught red handed by his wife, jerking off to one of Kat’s videos.. I’m sure that evil bastard has his eyes on her and is planning to visit Canada soon..

  5. Where you Son.. Time to give me a blowjob or else, I’ll shove my boot up your ass… Horse Cock Henry, bitch leave my son alone.. He is a decent boy and he loves his daddy..


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