1. She is a filthy bitch and a gold digger .. I bet she’ll let you fuck her in da ass for 10 k.. Total whore 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  2. I wanna drink VirginHunter’s mom’s milk..She is gonna breastfeed me and let me see her put a dildo in her ass..

    • Omg!! I used the wrong name again😂 i’m such a retard. But anyway, VirginHunter, would your mom let me suck your big cock in front of her??

    • Oh shit, i accidently used the wrong name again. Sorry guys! Also, VirginHunter, can i lick your butthole?

  3. You would figure this Gorilla would have Big Nipples.

    Worlds smallest nipples on a gorilla.

    Ken Wonders, you are in the record books!

    • Anyway, she still looks gross. Tbh, i really wish Kat was more wrinkly or maybe had a big dick. That would be so hot, lol


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